Webinar: Competency Framework for Labour Inspectorates
24 June 2021, Virtual

At IALI’s previous General Assembly in 2017, the Members asked that the Executive Committee (EC) start work on developing a Training Framework for Labour Inspectorates. This webinar is intended to form part of that development process. The EC will introduce and discuss a position paper to inform and stimulate a discussion amongst members to share experiences, needs and expectations of such a competency framework. The webinar will be set up to encourage and facilitate an active discussion amongst members.

Er. Ho Siong Hin, IALI Secretary General, presented the guidance on competency framework for labour inspectorate proposed by IALI.

The key features of this framework comprise:

  1. Focusing on competency-based learning

  2. Establishing a common framework for training

  3. Providing a definitive path for labour inspectors to upgrade themselves

In Er. Ho’s closing, he emphasized that labour inspectorates would continue to play a central role in the implementation of labour laws on working conditions that protect the rights of millions of workers worldwide. They help to promote compliance with relevant labour legislation through inspection, providing information and advice, and, where necessary, taking enforcement action. Good governance of workplaces is central to the promotion of sustainable economic development, and competency development of labour inspectors will help to ensure that labour inspectors execute these roles effectively.

Video Recording (YouTube): https://youtu.be/A3IPn8f9TBI
*Note: The recording is in speakers’ original audio channel (without translations), i.e. in English.