Message from President Ho Siong Hin

December 2022

Greetings! I hope 2022 had been kind to every one of you. I am sure that many of us are relieved that most of the world have gradually resumed normalcy and started to live with COVID-19. I am also certain that with this experience, governments, institutions, labour inspectorates, and individuals would be better prepared to face any pandemic in the future.

As workplaces resumes normalcy, the work of labour inspectorates also resumes normalcy, albeit with new challenges in a post-pandemic world. Labour inspectors need to adapt to new technological developments and changes in the world of work accelerated by COVID-19, to be better equipped to address new types of work hazard and accidents.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) recently made a declaration in June 2022 to include a safe and healthy working environment as the fifth Fundamental Principle and Right at Work. This landmark decision validates the importance of the work of labour inspectorates around the world, and IALI is committed to the promotion of this fundamental principle. We stand ready to support members and provide the necessary technical expertise to help achieve decent work for all.

We saw many travel restrictions removed in 2022, which allowed the transition of virtual events back to traditional physical events. This gave us the opportunity to reconnect with many of our peers from around the world. We were able to attend several physical events as well, such as the G20 OSH Network Annual Meeting in Bali, Indonesia, and the first physical IALI EC Meeting in Cuenca, Spain, for the current Executive Committee. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Ana for making the necessary arrangements in hosting us.

IALI will be involved in the 23rd World Congress on Health and Safety at Work, a week-long conference to be hosted in Sydney in November 2023. We are planning to host a side event to put IALI at the forefront of this event, further details would be provided in due course. Aside from participating actively in the upcoming discussions, the IALI EC is looking to present several topics at the event and have submitted abstracts to the event organisers for consideration. Some of the topics include the role of Labour Inspectorates during a pandemic like COVID-19, the role of Labour Inspectorates in Vision Zero, and Competency Frameworks for Inspectors. If you or your organization wish to contribute as a speaker, the deadline for the submission of abstracts have been extended to February 2023. More details would be covered later in the newsletter.

I wish you all a good year ahead, stay healthy and stay safe.

Er. Ho Siong Hin
IALI President
Senior Director (International WSH)
Ministry of Manpower (MOM)