International common principles for labour inspection

The development of a set of International Common Principles for Labour Inspection was one of IALI’s goals for the years 2011-2014.

This goal was identified in IALI’s Action Plan for the Future as the next stepping stone following development of IALI’s Global Code of integrity for Labour Inspection (IALI’s Global Code), towards the broader objective of building a foundation for professional, ethical and effective Labour Inspection worldwide.

These International Common Principles are intended to be used by IALI members as a companion document to IALI’s Global Code. IALI’s Handbook for Labour Inspectorates: Measuring Performance of the Occupational Safety and Health Function, also provides a useful reference document that will assist Inspectorates responsible for health and safety at work, in implementing the International Common Principles.

The Common Principles provide a framework of essential criteria for all types of Labour Inspectorates, whether generalist or specialist, to assist them in developing the capability to achieve their key mission of ensuring that workplace parties implement standards for fair and decent working conditions and for health, safety and wellbeing at work.

With these Common Principles IALI aims to provide a useful resource that will assist all countries, regardless of the maturity of their labour protection administration, both in establishing the importance of an effective and professional Labour Inspection system and in providing the key principles for its successful operation.

Further, it is hoped that the document will inform regional cooperation initiatives such as regional alliances of Labour Inspectors, providing a basis for a common approach and for the adoption of comparable criteria for the implementation of labour standards across regions.

As with IALI’s Global Code, the Common Principles are intended to provide stimulation for each country and/or region to discuss, assess and ultimately adopt their own criteria.