About IALI

The International Association of Labour Inspection (IALI) is the global professional association for labour inspection. It was established in 1972, and currently has over 100 member organisations worldwide.

Organisations from developing countries and from countries which are in a transition phase belong to IALI in addition to industrial states. They all have the same aim: to achieve and to improve - step by step - humanity and dignity in the field of labour. IALI is an independent association without political and religious ties. Its one and only task is to help working people in the field of health and safety all over the world.

In particular, IALI:

  • provides a forum for the exchange of information and experience in the field of labour inspection and similar areas;

  • gives assistance to developing countries by passing on experiences achieved in the field of human labour conditions, labour inspection, preventive labour protection, by informing them about new production procedures and technologies and new risks for people arising from these new procedures.

IALI has always worked in close partnership with the International Labour Office and other host country organisations, and is increasingly working at regional levels.

IALI seeks to achieve these aims through a wide range of activities each year. Its activities often focus on working conditions and occupational safety and health topics and other concerns to labour inspectors, such as illegal employment and child labour. IALI holds conferences all over the world and in recent years it has sponsored events in Costa Rica, Bulgaria, Ireland, China-Macao, Mauritius, Geneva, Guyana, Germany, China and Latvia, often jointly with host countries and the ILO.

The main aims of IALI are to:

  • promote the professionalism of its members on all aspects of labour inspection, so as to enhance their impact and effectiveness;

  • hold international and regional conferences and similar events at which members can exchange ideas and experience about how best to promote compliance with labour law and good practice;

  • provide information to its members about professional issues through the Association’s website, newsletters, reports and other publications;

  • promote closer collaboration between its members, through regional networking and activities.

Information about IALI’s activities is regularly communicated to members through its newsletter, the IALI Forum, as well as this website. Most of its business is conducted in English, French and Spanish, with translations into other languages where required, especially at regional events.