Congress & General Assembly 2011

13th IALI Congress & General Assembly

15 – 16 June 2011
Geneva, Switzerland

Congress Presentations

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General Assembly Report

General Assembly Minutes

IALI members met with members of the Executive Committee to receive a report on the work of the Association over the past 3 years.

The main theme for this year congress was “The role of labour inspectorates in building an integrated prevention culture in the world of work”.

At the General Assembly, the proposed strategy and activities for the next 3 years were also discussed. IALI president for the last 6 years, Michele Patterson welcomed all of the members and proposed no changes to IALI’s six key strategic objectives in the Action Plan for the future, 2011-2014, as these have served well to focus the objectives and activities of IALI’s members. She also thanked the ILO and LABADMIN for their partnership and cooperation during this period, as well as colleagues from Safework South Australia.

IALI Secretary-General Paul Weber summarised IALI’s activities since the last General Assembly in June 2008. During this time, IALI has organised 23 major conferences, seminars and congresses, often in partnership with other organisations such as ILO and ISSA. Progress has also been made in promoting the IALI Global Code of Integrity for Labour Inspection, which has now been translated into 11 different languages.

Regional cooperation is a key theme and IALI has been acting as a catalyst for the development, promotion and implementation of these initiatives, which has resulted in very significant developments during 2008 – 2011. Regional cooperation initiatives have been established in Northern Africa (Maghreb Countries), South Eastern Europe (RALI: South Eastern Europe, Azerbaijan and The Ukraine), Eastern Europe (RALI: CIS, Mongolia and Belarus) and in Asia (ASEAN). For the next three years, efforts will focus on consolidating the great achievements in these areas as well as increasing activities in Central and South America and other parts of Africa.