Congress & General Assembly 2014

14th IALI Congress & General Assembly

9 – 10 June 2014
Geneva, Switzerland

General Assembly Minutes

The timing of the event had been arranged to coincide with the 103rd Session of the International Labour Conference, which was held at ILO offices in Geneva from 28 May - 12 June 2014.

The key theme of the IALI Congress is Partnerships. This means that in addition to IALI members, IALI extended the invitation to non members involved in Labour Inspection and Labour Ministry functions, employer and worker delegates, as well as to organisations and individuals interested and involved in any aspect of labour protection laws and their implementation in their own country.

Congress overview

The IALI Congress featured a new format: instead of separate sessions on various aspects of Labour Inspection work such as occupational health and safety, wages and conditions, child and forced labour, or hazard or industry issues (eg chemicals, major hazards, agriculture, mining etc), the entire Congress will be directed at exploring challenges and expectations for the future for all types of Labour Inspection systems and services.

Professionalism, Partnerships and Performance

Thee Congress theme was: Professionalism, Partnerships and Performance: Delivering effective Labour Inspection worldwide, will highlight IALI’s work over the last decade to create a professional foundation for Labour Inspection globally; as well as providing a forum for discussion on the potential and the opportunities for new Labour Inspection directions in the future. Overall the Congress will seek to identify key objectives and actions to inform IALI’s revised Action Plan for the Future: 2014-2017.

The Congress sought to expand and consolidate IALI’s participation in both formal and informal partnerships and alliances, both with related organisations and in specific projects to promote safe, healthy and decent work around the world. A particular focus for IALI is to develop further our vital strategic relationships with international employers and unions to make the most of partnership opportunities in the future.

Session 1: Striving for Professionalism and Integrity in Labour

This session featured practical case studies and information on how to implement IALI’s significant initiatives over recent years to build a professional base for all types of Labour Inspection. These initiatives include the Global Code of Integrity for Labour Inspection, the International Common Principles for Labour Inspection and the Performance Measurement Handbook.

Session 2: The Value of Partnerships for Regional Co-operation in Labour

This session featured a panel discussion involving delegates who have been involved in regional alliance initiatives locally, including South East Asia (ASEAN); Northern Africa; South East Europe, Azerbaijan and Ukraine; and the CIS countries of Eastern Europe and Mongolia. The panel will aim to establish the value of such regional initiatives in promoting and improving Labour Inspection as well as to examine the challenges and elements for success required to sustain regional partnerships in the long term.

Session 3: Important International Partnerships with Labour Inspection

The key ‘Partnership’ theme of the Congress was continued through sessions on important international partnerships with Labour Inspection to achieve specific fair, safe, healthy and decent work objectives; and on successful tripartite partnerships from the perspective of employer and worker organisations.

Session 4: Keynotes - Expectations and Opportunities for Labour Inspection

  • Welcome: Mr Guy Ryder, Director General, ILO

  • Keynote 1: Ms Sandra Polaski, Deputy Director General Policy, ILO - Strengthening Workplace Compliance through Labour Inspection: the ILO Role

  • Keynote 2: International Organisation of Employers (IOE) - Expectations and Opportunities: the Employer Perspective on Labour Inspection

  • Keynote 3: International Congress of Trade Unions (ITUC) - Expectations and Opportunities: the Worker Perspective on Labour Inspection.

Session 5: Strengthening Workplace Compliance Through Innovative and Engaging Labour Inspection Strategy

Finally, a roundtable discussion on Strengthening workplace compliance through innovative and engaging Labour Inspection strategies provided the opportunity to identify areas of critical importance for priority action in the future, by IALI, the ILO, employers, workers and everyone committed to achieving a better working environment worldwide.

At the General Assembly, the Measuring Performance of the Occupational Safety and Health Function:A Handbook for Labour and the Common Principles for Labour Inspection were endorsed. A new IALI Executive Committee was also elected.